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                           Does Your School have a "Bogen" School Console?  With 40 Years Experience we Service, Repair and Replace the complete product line.  We have the knowledge to Replace any School Sound, Clock and Fire Alarm System.

Synchronized Clock Systems

Ashton has been a leader in master controlled clock systems for the past 30 years. We now represent two major suppliers, Lathem Time and Bogen clock system.  We exclusively represented the Standard Elecrtric / IBM line until they were bought out and discontinued approximately 10 years ago. We still support a full-time clock repair department that rebuilds every manufacturers' secondary clocks. Our repairs are with brass, high quality replacement motors.  While the repair may cost a little more, the clock, when finished, is basically brand new and should last another 30 years. All of our repaired clocks are tested on our computerized clock board for three days before returning them to the customer.  

The question: Do I buy the less expensive replacements with all plastic motors and parts or do I spend a little more for qualilty? Whichever you decide, we are always glad to help.  Below, you will find a partial list of product offerings. Please contact us for repair or the design of a complete wired or wireless controlled clock system.

Lathem Products made in the USA    


LTR-512 Series Master Control Series

Lathem Master Controls are ideal for schools, hospitals, airports, and industry.

With Lathem's wall clocks, the Master Control series can improve attendance, organize schedules, and increase efficiency. The system can be programmed, via keypad, with eight password-protected bell schedules, which may be used in combinations; each is capable of executing 64 multi-function "events" (512 aggregate). There are two models, LTR4 (4 circuits) and LTR8 (8 circuits).

It can store schedules and controls from any RS232 / RS485 connected computer running Lathem's MasterLink software or can be access and diagnosed remotely, via modem (Model LTR8-512M).

The LTR Series controls virtually any type of secondary clock system. Lathem manufactures both synchronous and minute impulse secondary wall clocks in a variety of shapes, sizes, and clock dial types.

LTR-GPS Satellite Receiver & Synchronizer

Lathem's LTR-GPS is a Global Positioning Satellite receiver using 12-channels to access the accurate date and time signal transmitted each second by 24 satellites in orbit around the globe.

The system includes an amplified exterior GPS antenna. An integrated cable links the antenna to an interior receiver module which retransmits the signal to selected Lathem devices.

System Includes:

  • LTR-GPS satellite synchronizer
    115vAC, 2.7w, 50/60Hz power adapter

  • Active GPS antenna with 25 foot cable

  • Antenna mounting bracket and hardware


Analog Wall Clocks

Attractive and extremely easy to read, Lathem analog wall clocks are available in a variety of faces, sizes, and mounting styles.

Fine brass movements provide silent, trouble-free operation. Hidden stem sets are mounted behind the case top to prevent tampering.

Schools, Hospitals, Airports, and other institutions have trusted the Lathem name for precision time keeping for decades.


Digital Display Wall Clocks

The digital display clocks can be used as a stand-alone system or as a secondary to virtually any master controlled system. This flexibility allows you to install additional clocks or replace worn clocks in an existing analog system.

The four-digit display is highly visible from 100 feet and can be mounted directly to the wall or to a single gang outlet box. With other kits, it can also be dual wall or dual ceiling mounted. A vented hole plug is provided for 1/2-inch conduit.

During power failures, a 9-volt alkaline battery provides continuous timekeeping. When power resumes, the display illuminates the correct time.

Wireless Wall Clocks

Why Wireless? Why AirTime?

Wireless means less headaches and expenses. Without wires to run, you don't need to incur the cost of another professional. AirTime® is a state-of-the-art wireless clock system that provides perfectly synchronized time throughout facilities of any size. This means no confusion as to what time it is. Most importantly, it's simple to install and is made by Lathem, the most reliable name in the industry.

How does it work?

AirTime can be customized for any size areaThe heart of AirTime is a powerful transmitter that provides the time source for all clocks throughout your facility or campus. It broadcasts a signal designed to penetrate commercial building structures and provide accurate time (to the second) from clock to clock. AirTime can also extend from your existing wired system, intercom, and bell-ringing system.

Simply hang AirTime's high quality wireless clocks on the wall for a perfectly accurate and synchronized time solution. With multiple time sources available (computer, GPS, WWVB), you have complete flexibility for any environment.

What can AirTime do for my business?

Continuously synchronized time eliminates confusion, inaccuracies, excuses, and a great deal of maintenance after Daylight Savings Time changes. Also, with our unique Solar Powered Wall Clock, your company can add another Green solution to its list. 

 AirTime is crucial for health care facilities


Time is not negotiable in an urgent situation. Having the exact same time on the clock in E.R. as the clock in the O.R. can mean a patient is O.K.

AirTime reduces tardiness


Schools can become chaotic, distracting, and unproductive when students arrive late for class or teachers and administrators all have different perceptions of "the 3:30 meeting."

AirTime keeps transportation on schedule


Travel can be stressful in today's world. The last thing your travelers need is the time at the security check-point saying one thing and the departure gate saying another. 

AirTime helps you get the most out of the day


Regardless of your company's industry, today's economic climate demands more out of your daily operations. Synchronized time means that there's only one schedule and everyone's on it.

ATX6 Transceiver

The ATX6 is ideal for large areas or campuses

Designed for larger areas: large school buildings, airports, and hospitals - The ATX6 wireless transceivers supports over 500,000 square feet of signal coverage. Expand the coverage area using additional AirTime transceivers (ATX or ATX6).

Analog Wall Clocks


AirTime Analog Wall Clocks have raised the bar. Accuracy, operation, quality, and aesthetics are all in harmony. Our continuous motion, smooth sweeping second hand means precision and the highest standard of time-keeping.

Solar Powered Wall Clocks

Solar Powered Wall Clocks

Go wireless and Green! Solar panels located on the front dial of the clock convert the room's ambient light into power.

Digital Wireless Wall Clocks

Digital Wireless Wall Clocks

Increase the visibility of AirTime. Ideal for long corridors or open work spaces as they are easy to read over 100 feet away. Our digital clocks come in four (HH:MM) or six (HH:MM:SS) digit formats.


Bogen Engineered Clock Systems

Bogen Time Systems Graphic

Time Systems Brochureipclocks       +

Whether you’re designing a new school, hospital, or office, or you’re retrofitting into an existing facility, you will benefit from Bogen's advanced time systems.

Bogen Communications specializes in designing control equipment to fit your exact parameters.

We offer timepieces ranging from simple quartz clocks, IP Clock Systems, GPS systems (synchronized to UTC within 1 microsecond anywhere on the globe), as well as everything in between.

Our highly tooled, microprocessor based products allow us to take a unique approach to the market by providing advanced solutions at competitive prices.

We’ll be happy to work with you individually to find the perfect solution to your particular requirements. Contact us today.


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