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             You know the relief you have when someone understands, and provides the perfect solution?  After 45 years that is the feeling Ashton generates everyday. We represent the following products and many others:    Crestron,   Notifier,   Crown,   Bogen Educational,   FSR,   William Sound,    Sielox,   Extron,  Accutech.  etc.


Correction Officers employed by local city, county, or state government are responsible for protecting the public and providing for inmate needs and safety. The job requires correction officers to observe dangerous situations, make fast decisions, and take immediate action.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems provide an immediate and accurate view and recording of all activity in these areas 24/7.  It allows control room operators to constantly view cell blocks, corridors, outside and inside doors, and other sensitive areas. It provides them with overall pre-problem information.  When needed, control room operators can send immediate additional personnel and aid when needed.

CCTV systems also provide video proof during reviews regarding complains from prisoners claiming abuse by officers. This is a common problem in sally port and booking room activities.

Covert cameras are common place in police, sherriff, prosecutor, and court interview rooms. These systems combine video with audio and become important evidence. With DVR/NDVR watermarking added to the audio/video information, it is easily proven that media has not been tampered with.

With advanced solutions, including Auto Track, motion tracking cameras, and analytic motion software systems along with an arsenal of CCTV products, Ashton Sound and Communications, along with Bosch, can provide a highly technologic solution to any situation.

January 2, 2020
Ashton Sound & Communications, Inc. has partnered with Taycor Financial, a nationwide industry leader in equipment leasing and financing. Together our goal is to help you acquire the sound, video, fire alarm, data, and security system solutions you need for your business.
Along with our flexible leasing and financing structures, Taycor Financial specializes in Commercial, Municipal, and Institutional leasing programs.   Read More »
May 12, 2020
Do you want to know if someone entering your facility has a temperature or is not wearing a mask? Let us help you by installing a device that can scan everyone as they enter and notify you of non-compliant people.   Read More »
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