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ForTheRecord - The Global Leader in Digital Court Recording Solutions



ForTheRecord (FTR) is a global leader, dedicated to providing digital recording and content management solutions for justice and public safety venues. It specializes in court recording, digital court reporting, and interview room recording, among other applications. We use our patented ThinkLink technology to provide simple, reliable, cost effective, and innovative solutions that enable our clients to capture, index, access, and manage digital audio and video recordings and associated annotations across the enterprise. FTR solutions are sold through a global network of authorized resellers and systems integrators and can be found in over 22,500 recording venues located across 55 countries.

Key Features:

  • Confidence monitoring
  • On-unit playback support
  • Time and date-stamped record
  • Bundled with FTR Log Notes®
  • Up to 8-channel audio recording
  • Sealing of selected proceedings
  • On-screen 1-touch ‘Quick Notes’
  • Bar-code scanner support
  • Dual archiving to network & optical media

FTR Touch offers tangible benefits to both new and existing FTR clients, such as increased process efficiencies, lower risk, reliability, ease of use, better security controls, and more versatility.

FTR Touch is an ideal choice for a variety of environments.  Regardless of whether the venue is one where the Judge has the responsibility of controlling recording from the bench, or one where a dedicated device for capturing the record of proceedings is necessary, FTR Touch delivers a variety of benefits beyond just high-quality, multi-channel recordings.

Products Available

FTR Interrogator™ is a software-based digital interview room recording and content management solution designed for the law enforcement market. The FTR Interrogator product suite distinguishes itself from other interview recorders on the market by offering users a multitude of tools to facilitate playback, annotation, search & retrieval, duplication, and archival.   It is available in two configurations – FTR Interrogator and FTR Interrogator Lite – to meet the particular interview room recording needs of the agency or client.

FTR Hearings is a 2-channel digital audio recording solution for administrative hearings offices and government agencies to capture and manage proceedings of hearings and trials that are administered in smaller venues.

FTR Hearings combines all of the functionality found in other FTR Gold products such as FTR Log Notes and TheRecord Player

In the Hearing Room…

Essential features of FTR Hearings, such as confidence monitoring and simultaneous archiving and back-up, offer the peace of mind that all proceedings will be successfully recorded and safely archived.  FTR Hearings also offers significant advantages when locating, duplicating, or sharing content compared to analog tapes.   The powerful, integrated search engine enables rapid search and retrieval of relevant content, while facilitating duplication of specific pre-recorded segments quickly and easily.

FTR Hearings offers many benefits across the entire organization, including convenience, ease of use, greater process efficiencies, improved productivity, an enhanced user experience, and lower costs.  It is designed to help administrative offices and other government agencies face the challenges of today’s operating environment while maintaining existing processes and procedures. FTR Hearings can save significant time and money by providing a complete, yet simple, recording and content management solution.

FTR Minutes

FTR Minutes™ is a Microsoft Word-based solution that enables 2-channel, digital audio recording of public meetings and subsequent creation and distribution of meeting minutes.

With FTR Minutes, users can simultaneously record, take time-stamped electronic notes, take roll call and tally votes during a meeting, and quickly produce the final meeting minutes afterwards.  Recordings can also be captured via various approved third-party portable digital recording devices

Key Features

  • Simultaneously record & take electronic notes
  • Instant access to specific segments of the meeting
  • Easily take roll call and tabulate voting results
  • “Hot keys” to input information quickly
  • Convert minutes to PDF format for distribution
  • Accommodate multiple committees
  • Compatible with various third-party digital recording devices

FTR Minutes can be implemented within existing network infrastructures with virtually no disruption to established procedures.  Creating an agenda, note-taking, and minutes-creation are all performed within the familiar Microsoft Word software with the FTR Minutes add-in.   The review and approval process is also streamlined as FTR Minutes enables instant access to specific desired portions of the meeting, instead of having to fast-forward and rewind analog tapes multiple times.  Finally, the approved minutes can be converted to PDF format for easy distribution.

TheRecord Online

TheRecord Online™ is a web-based solution that streamlines the Court’s audio and transcript order and fulfillment process.

Through online collaboration among Courts, Requestors, and Transcription Service Providers, TheRecord Online enables management of all aspects of the order process – requests, estimates, provision of recordings, payment processing, and transcript delivery – via the Internet.

Key Features

  • Integrated audio & transcript order system
  • Electronic upload & provisioning of recordings
  • Online payment processing
  • Immediate transcriber access to recordings
  • Progress tracking of transcript orders
  • Rapid delivery of completed transcripts

Offered as a free service to the Courts, TheRecord Online offers tangible benefits for all stakeholders.

TheRecord Manager

TheRecord Manager (v5.5) represents a complete suite of content management solutions designed for all types of organizations, from small to large, for managing their FTR digital content.  It is comprised of the BasicStandardAccess, Guardian and Warehouse Editions, each of which can be used independently, or in combination, depending on the set of features that best meet the needs of your organization, both now and into the future.

Every product in the FTR Gold® family of courtroom recording solutions now includes either the Basic or Standard Editions of TheRecord Manager which provide some fundamental content management capabilities.  Organizations desiring additional features can obtain one or more of the for-fee editions to expand the content management functions available.  When implemented as a complete package, TheRecord Manager enables simple, efficient and effective management of all FTR content across the enterprise, delivering substantial benefits to both users and administrators in the process.

Key Features of TR Manager suite

  • Encryption
  • Concurrent archiving to CD/DVD & network
  • Real-time or post-sealing & unsealing
  • Conversion of recordings to alternate formats
  • Central configuration & management of recorders
  • Recorder usage statistics
  • Instant access to FTR content, even across a WAN
  • CM/ECF Support, for US Federal Courts

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