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Central Station Monitoring

All ASEmergency 24HTON central station monitoring is performed through our strategic partnership with the EMERgency 24 Monitoring Center.  This relationship has been in place for over 20 years, and ASHTON owns all of its own 800 number connection lines.

Burglar/Panic Alarms

Security system end-users who have burglar alarm systems monitored by EMERgency24 have a nationwide team of operators ready at a moment’s notice to dispatch emergency responders should there ever be a need. Trained for both commercial and residential alarm systems, EMERgency24 monitors understand that end-users look at us as an extension of their alarm dealer. As such, each alarm scenario is examined thoroughly to ensure the proper actions are taken and that every communication is accomplished in the utmost courteous manner.

Fire Alarms

As an Underwriters Laboratories Central Station, EMERgency24 offers fire alarm monitoring services to provide peace of mind to home and business owners who want a national team of monitors looking after life and property housed within the protected facility.  In addition to fire alarms, EMERgency24 monitors supervisory signals for sprinkler malfunction and trouble signals indicating electrical malfunction. Alarm signals immediately prompt a dispatch call to the local fire department while personnel from the protected property and the alarm dealer are notified of supervisory and trouble signals. EMERgency24 maintains records of all signals received and our state-of-the-art systems are tested regularly, inspected, and maintained by qualified professionals.

To comply with the U.S. National Fire Alarm Code, EMERgency24 also issues a certificate or placard, establishing third-party verification of its services.

Video Monitoring

EMERgency24 brought video monitoring to the industry forefront by being the first company to synchronize the alarm signal with the video at the central station. Since then, EMERgency24 has developed several ways to incorporate video into a security system that best serves the end user. These include Video Verification, Video Guard, Video Guard Tour & Video Gate.

Two-Way Voice

Two-Way Voice (TWV) capability allows EMERgency24 monitors to initiate a conversation over a two-way communicator at the home immediately after the receipt of an alarm signal. The EMERgency24 operator will announce that they have received an alarm signal and attempt to discuss the situation with the homeowner.  If there is no answer, the operator will repeat that they received an alarm and listen again. If there still is not a response, the operator will process the signal in accordance with the alarm condition's specified callback option as defined by ASHTON.

For alarm owner safety, Hold-up and Panic signals result in a "Listen-in Only" response by the operator, meaning the operator will not speak. Should the operator hear anything that may be relevant to the police, this information is immediately relayed to the authorities when reporting the alarm.

Open/Close Supervision

Business owners benefit from EMERgency24’s Open/Close Supervision service that alerts when the system has been disabled or armed outside of specified hours. Your customers’ established open and closing times will govern this service so management can track its employees’ arrival and departure times. The way the Open/Close Supervision works is that a call is made by the EMERgency24 monitors to advise when the conditions have been violated.


Autotesting verifies alarm system connection to the appropriate EMERgency24 alarm receiver by transmitting a test signal at a specific time. The alarm system owner will be notified should EMERgency24 not receive the expected "autotest" signal from your system.

January 2, 2020
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May 12, 2020
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