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Unparalleled scalable solutions for access control – tailored to your clients’ needs. With solutions as flexible as they are reliable, Sielox delivers enterprise-wide, total access control for any facility or application. Sielox offers advanced integrated solutions that encompass a wide range of access control products, systems, and technologies. Offering uncompromising reliability, systems powered by Sielox technology are the definitive solution for critical 24x7 access control. With a complete portfolio of access control and surveillance software, hardware, and accessories, Sielox is a one-stop solutions provider for its business partners. Sielox delivers industry-leading components in every product category, from cards and readers to controllers and access control software.

Easy to install and easy to use, all Sielox products are developed to foster scalable, modular solutions. By integrating video surveillance, Sielox adds an extra layer of security, providing instant visibility, as well as a visual record of exception-based events. By partnering with companies pioneering innovative technologies, such as biometrics, Sielox can further extend system capabilities to offer multi-factor authentication solutions. Sielox’s access control systems can integrate with most widely used third party systems, allowing for considerable customization of end-user solutions. Pinnacle® Access Control Solution Pinnacle® event management software from Sielox has become the benchmark for quality, capability, and scalability in administering an access control network. As companies increasingly look to merge the management of their access control and security systems, Pinnacle is the ideal solution to unite the administration of an enterprise-wide security network under a single command application.

Feature-rich, Pinnacle software performs fast and secure registration and authentication, from initial badging through verification. In keeping with the Sielox philosophy of developing products that evolve with the clients’ needs, Pinnacle is easily upgradable and expandable to not only meet current security needs, but also grow and adapt to meet future demands. Pinnacle supports all Sielox products and easily integrates with third-party products and software to provide the total solution that system administrators require.

Pinnacle was developed by Sielox software engineers as part of their Agile development methodology. This team-based approach reflects Sielox’s commitment to delivering the highest in quality by promoting improvement at every stage in the software development process. Combined with Sielox proximity cards, readers, and controllers, Pinnacle provides content and comprehensive control for your facility, today and well into the future.

Pinnacle access control softwareSielox is now offering software key licensing with its Pinnacle access control software solution. Capable of working in a virtual environment, the software’s set of core features, compatibility with Sielox 32-bit controllers, and seamless integration provides an unmatched and growing resource for advanced system design. Fault Tolerance (FT) provides failover capabilities and is provided by the virtual environment’s software, which hosts the access control solution.

Sielox a strategic partner of Ashton Sound and Communications, Inc. and for many years has provided the opportunity for true multi-system project integration. Through the Pinnacle Series of products, we cover your access security needs from start to finish with interconnection to many other systems.

The Definitive Security Solution

Sielox has been a leader in access control since 1979. Introduced in 2003, Pinnacle's set of core features, complete compatibility with Sielox 32-bit controllers, and seamless integration with products from renowned partners, all give you an unmatched and growing resource for advanced system design.

Scalable from Entry Level to Enterprise

Pinnacle is Sielox's next-generation, feature-rich event management system. Now you can have greater control over your company's security, whether for a small office or a building campus with multiple access security points. 

Additional Stratigic Access Control Partners 

  • Bosch
  • IEI / Linear
  • Aiphone
  • Kantech

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October 6, 2017
Ashton Sound & Communications, Inc. has partnered with Taycor Financial, a nationwide industry leader in equipment leasing and financing. Together our goal is to help you acquire the sound, video, fire alarm, data, and security system solutions you need for your business.
Along with our flexible leasing and financing structures, Taycor Financial specializes in Commercial, Municipal, and Institutional leasing programs.   Read More »
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