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Classroom Hearing Assistance Systems


The Orator System uses wireless, infrared technology to transmit the presenter's voice from the microphone to a receiving unit. The system then amplifies the audio and delivers it to strategically positioned audio speakers installed in the ceiling or on the walls. A/V equipment such as projectors, televisions, or computers can also be connected to the Orator system to ensure the clear and equal transmission of audio throughout the classroom. When using the Bogen Orator, teachers can speak at their natural projected voice level, and students in all parts of the classroom can hear at an equal level. Plus, the teacher has freedom of movement and can even turn around and face the chalkboard while speaking without any drop in voice level for any student in any part of the classroom.

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Being able to listen is essential for learning. This is particularly critical in the classroom where students are dependent upon speech communications 60% of the day. Yet classrooms, whether open or with a traditional layout, typically have poor acoustical qualities as well as background noise. Bogen's Enhancer system improves the level of the teacher's voice or sound source and delivers it naturally, clearly, and equally to all areas of the classroom so that each student hears the teacher as if they were sitting at the front of the class.


October 6, 2017
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