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Mass Notification Warning Products

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MASS Notification is a newer term being used in the Life Safety Community. The term itself is defined in several different ways depending upon the application. NFPA 72 version 2010 states in section, In-Building Mass Notification Systems are systems used to provide information and instructions to people in building(s) or other space(s) using intelligible voice communications and including visual signals, text, graphics, tactile, or other communications methods. (SIG-ECS)  This section along with In-building Fire Emergency Voice/ Fire Communication Systems are probably the most common and challenging.


Adequate coverage and intelligibility are the key components.  This requires on-site ambient noise testing and the examination for other types of notification devices.  These systems, in a much more basic definition, have been required by OSHA for some time.  Whether your facility needs a conventional or explosion proof system, we have the products to meet all needs.


At Ashton, our design engineers are continually being trained on the latest products and design. When needed, we also consult with a local fire engineering company to provide a one time, comprehensive solution that meets all of our customer's needs.

For a more comprehensive understanding of these requirements, we suggest you contact Ashton Sound and Communications, Inc. You may also contact us regarding further customized information or to obtain a copy of NFPA 2010 and to review the sections that apply to your application.  Either way, we are your professional, one-time solution to these newer requirements.

Ashton Design Assistance and brochures on all listed products are available upon request through our customer request page.

In a wide scale emergency, keeping people informed is critical to keeping them safe. Notifying more people of a dangerous and potentially life threatening situation can prevent further injuries and save more lives. Such situations require an emergency communications system to broadcast live, up-to-the minute emergency information to everyone in a building, campus, or multiple facilities spread across a city, state…even the globe. To be prepared for such circumstances, look no further than NOTIFIER — Leaders in Life, Safety, Technology.

NOTIFIER continuously develops new technologies that improve fire and life safety — an unwavering commitment for over sixty years. Our decades of experience designing and manufacturing the industry’s most advanced fire alarm and voice evacuation systems far exceed the five year minimum recommended by the Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) standard 4-021-01 for Emergency Communications Systems. Furthermore, our emergency communications solutions can easily integrate with NOTIFIER fire alarm systems, or operate independently as a standalone system.

A school lockdown, chemical spill or similar emergency, though often limited to a single building and its immediate surrounding area, are situations best addressed using mass notification. Informing everyone in and around the building of the emergency, and instructing them to evacuate, relocate, or remain where they are, is critical to keeping them safe and out of harm’s way.

Towering high-rises, sprawling college campuses, and mass transit hubs can all have thousands of people occupying them at any given moment. Notifying everyone in these vast areas of an emerging crisis is critical to protecting life safety. NOTIFIER’s Digital Voice Command makes it possible.

WIDE SPREAD MASS NOTIFICATION  LED signs can be placed in areas where a large number of people assemble, such as mass transit terminals, sports arenas, and airports. Digital Voice Command (DVC) systems can be distributed throughout multiple buildings and linked together via the NOTI-FIRE-NET intelligent network. Each system can operate independently in case of a building-specific emergency, or cohesively as part of unified emergency communications system for large-scale emergencies. Using the DVC command center, authorized personnel can distribute emergency voice messages to an entire campus or just too specific areas.

Mass Notification Grant Programs 

Homeland Security Grant Program - The Homeland Security Grant Program (HSGP) is a primary funding mechanism for building and sustaining national preparedness capabilities. These grants fund a range of preparedness activities, including planning, organization, equipment purchase, training, exercises, and management and administration costs.

Ashton  Design Assistance and Brochures on all MASS NOTIFICATION products are available upon request through our customer request page.

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