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United Methodist Church of Stow

After a couple instances of minor burglaries in our church, it was clear that we needed to add some type of additional security system. Earlier this year, we had installed a regualr burglar alarm system with a panic alarm push button to protect our four church offices and the church staff and equipment contained there. The burglary occurred in one of our common areas. I was then referred to Ashton Sound for a video system after our church was examined by local authorities.

Don Ashton came to our church and did a walk through and suggested a six camera instillation. We have both a daycare and preschool in our church. There are many parents and children coming and going each day, from 6 AM to 6 PM. Don's suggestion included cameras covering all of the doors that are used (unlocked) during a normal business day. He also suggested cameras in common areas as well as the door near the administrative assistant's office. Don's suggestion was presented to the administrative board and was given the OK to install.

The installation process went very smoothly with little disturbance to normal daily activities. After instillation, an Ashton personnel trained the administrative assistant on the workings of the video system, which is located in her office. All in all I have a very positive attitude with Ashton Video and especially Don Ashton. He was truly very concerned with our needs and his suggestions appear to serve our present needs. Ashton Video placed warning signs and decals on all protected doors to alert all people entering the church that they were being monitored.

It is quite unfortunate that a church must resort to such security measures in today's world, but the reality is that we cannot think that a church is immune to these unholy and illegal activities.  With the addition of the video monitoring system we have hopefully added enough security to possibly discourage any future nefarious activities.

Leonard L. "Bud" Lance
Trustees Chairman
United Methodist Church in Stow
Stow, OH

October 6, 2017
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